Learn how to Learn


Hey loves!

Thanks so much to those who filled out the content survey last week; super helpful and informative! If you didn’t get a chance to fill it out don’t worry, the link is still up on Tuesday’s post “Picking Brains.”

Anyways, on to today’s topic, learn how to learn.

As a recent college graduate, I must say the idea of never doing homework again is beyond joyous. However, recently I’ve begun to accept the idea that “homework” actually never stops because learning never truly stops (well at least it shouldn’t stop).

The way I see it …

we must maintain the desire to learn because our growth depends on it.

So last week, in true “desire to learn fashion,” my brother from another mother Josh and I drove two hours to the nearest Apple store to learn how to take better pictures using an iPhone. No, I’m not kidding.

Apple recently launched “Today At Apple” which basically offers classes in photography, design etc. for free! Did you catch that … FOR FREE. So, as a budding Blogger and Instagramer (did I really just refer to myself as an Instagramer 🙃), I decided that taking a class would be the perfect start in my process of learning how to maintain an aesthetically pleasing image online.

The class I took was called “Telling a Story in Your Photos” and to be honest, I learned A LOT. The biggest thing I learned was that I’ve been taking photos on my iPhone all wrong (lol). Seriously though, I would take a picture of a leaf and it looked like… a picture of a leaf; our teacher Justin would take a picture of a leaf and it looked like it belonged in National Geographic. By the end of it all I had semi-decent photos (still practicing) and my brother Josh had some AMAZING photos. Believe it or not, all the photos on this post are photos he took of me in a parking lot… again, I’m not kidding.

So, I say all of this to encourage you, whether you’re in school or have been out of school for years, to never lose the desire to learn! If you see a class that looks interesting, sign up! If you’re curious about whether vegan soul food should actually be a thing (Shoutout to NuVegan in DC) try it out! Never stop seeking out growth and change.

Love you all so so much and I hope your weekend is filled with knowledge🤓.

Wishing you adventure, art, and amour,


Admiria 💋