Picking Brains

Hello & welcome back to Admiria.co 😉

First, THANK YOU! Seriously, the support and positive feedback from “A Fashion Film” has been amazing and super encouraging. Second, I have a confession… I’m obsessed with research!

No seriously, I’m always looking up something, seeking out the facts, and getting other people’s opinions.

Getting the chance to dive into another person’s brain and see how they think and what they value is absolutely fascinating to me, so today, I’m asking for the chance to dive into your brain. I want to know what you like to read about, what you like to watch, and who you can’t get enough of! Why? Well as much as this blog is a space for me, it’s also a space for you. I want to make sure I’m producing content that you all enjoy and in order to do that I have to ask what you enjoy. (lol)

So, here is me asking. Below is a 10 question typeform that I would so LOVE if you filled out! Also, comment below if I missed a topic that’s important to you or if you want to expand on one of the questions!

Thanks so much!

Wishing you adventure, art, & amour,



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