“Your Ideas Are Killing You”

Hello & welcome to Admiria.co!

Admiria.co, my YouTube channel, and social media platforms mean a lot of things to me and you can read more in regards to that on my about page. However, today, I want to tell you specifically what this release/relaunch of all of my platforms means for my mind.


I’m finally living outside of my head! What do I mean? Well, I like to call myself an “ideator,” which basically means I’m constantly coming up with cool ideas. However, with strengths come weaknesses and my weakness is that I tend to keep all of those awesome ideas in my head. I tend to be someone who hoards my ideas like a sheltered child because I’m afraid of what could happen if I let them go outside; outside of my head. What if my vision is better than the finished reality? What if no one gets it? What if someone takes my idea and runs with it? What if… what if … what if.

In the past, I’ve allowed these what ifs and more to keep me from my greatness aka my dream life. However, now, I finally realize that keeping my ideas inside is actually hurting me. How?

Well, I’ve learned (the hard way) not to be too proud and think that an idea is mines. Honestly, all ideas are just a mixture of other ideas and inspirations. It’s us putting two or more things that already exist together to create something “original.” Meaning, realistically, the idea in my head could pop into the head of anyone else who also put two and two together.


The way I look at it, once an idea is out there, it’s out there! It’s in the universe and up for grabs! Now, that’s not to say we need to rush ideas and try to beat some unknown person to the punch. Regardless of all my previous statements, I still believe in the saying that “what is for you is for you.” BUT (and this is a big but) BUT if you are given an idea and you just sit on it and sit on it, trust and believe what was “for you” will quickly become “for” someone else.

Sometimes things just have to happen, changes and progress need to be made, therefore, if you choose not to step up, “The Universe” will find someone who will. Think of it this way, if Barack Obama was too afraid to become President Obama, there still would have been a “President Obama.” Why? Because this country needed a Black President for many reasons that I won’t get into on this site, but the point is the change needed to happen. If he didn’t take the chance, The Universe or as I like to call him God would’ve found someone else who could. This pass along process is how you get those people who say “I totally thought of Uber before Uber was Uber.”

Anyways, that being said keeping my ideas in my head doesn’t hurt the world, the world will get what it needs anyways, it just hurts me. That’s not to say that my ideas for this blog will change the world (I’m definitely not limiting myself though lol) but it is to say that it could change something, someone or even me and if I would’ve kept letting “what ifs” stop me from doing what I know I need to do, I would’ve never had the chance to experience the pure joy that comes from watching my virtual idea baby flourish outside (lol).

So get ready for a lot of (as my favorite blogger Lauryn Evarts would say) “major realness” on this blog.

My blog’s slogan, that you can read more about here, is “adventure, art, and amour” (love). This means that you can expect all forms of adventure (travel, concerts, journeys etc.), all forms of art (galleries, music, food (lol) etc.), and all forms of amour (platonic, romantic, and tough).

Basically, this blog will showcase me striving every day to live my best life and I hope that something on here will inspire and encourage you to do the same.


Wishing you adventure, art, and amour,


P.S. How cool are these black and white photos by Billie Carter-Rankin??

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  • Trรฉ June 10, 2017 at 11:36 pm

    This is so inspiring! Thank you!

  • Tre June 10, 2017 at 11:44 pm

    This is so inspiring! Thank you!

    • Admiria June 13, 2017 at 10:48 pm

      Finally figured out the comments lol! Thanks again Trรฉ!