What if I made the conscious decision to fill every single day of my life with some form of adventure, art, and amour (love). How awesome would my life be?

Personally, I think it would be freaking fantastic; so that’s what I’ve decided to do!

On the surface I’m just a pretty young thing from, Indiana with big city Hollywood dreams. Beneath the surface, I’m a girl who is still discovering her true self (whatever that means!) and is desperate to live her best life.

I started blogging back in 2014 to share my journey of finding myself. However, over the past few years I’ve discovered that you don’t find yourself, you create yourself! I’ve also discovered that I have a voice; I have things to say and those things can not only add content to the internet but value to people’s lives!

So www.Admiria.co was born to be a voice. A voice for ladies who are sick of being asked when they are going to get married as if marriage is the only thing they are capable of achieving in life. A voice for simple beauties who are determined to not only define but value both their outer and inner beauty. For the women who walk with grace and have the “unpopular” desire to be treated with an “old-fashion” type of respect. For those who prefer to discover themselves while simultaneously running their own businesses and collecting stamps in their passport. For those who understand that although the world is big the impact they can make is bigger because the God they serve is bigger than all of it anyways.

Yeah … that’s Admiria.co in a nutshell … actually that’s me in a nutshell haha.

I really hope this website can be a space where we can learn and grow together. I love you all so so much! Feel free to contact me with any questions or to just say hi; I’d love to connect!



(Don’t you love how I just mixed Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars together.) But seriously …

Wishing you adventure, art, and amour,


Admiria Essence Cooper



“I’m just here to promote all forms of love. Love of God, love of people, love of self, and love of art.💋”

Admiria Essence Cooper began blogging in 2014, however, after an unexpected traffic boost, she decided to rebrand, relaunch, and introduce the world to a site that she was proud of. A site that was not only aesthetically pleasing but real. Thus www.Admiria.co was born!

Admiria is a creative director, actress, and influencer born and raised in the mighty corn state of Indiana. As a recent graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC, and a newbie resident of sunshine state of California, Admiria is determined to live her best life. She plans to do this by filling each of her days with adventure, art, and amour (love) and encouraging others to do the same.

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